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Your RESCUE Organization

Add or edit your RESCUE ORGANIZATION to the site -- whether it's "just you" or you have a larger volunteer organization. This is NOT for creating a specific guinea pig listing. For that, please go to "Rehoming - Create a New Listing."

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Rescue Benefits

Make GPF work for YOU!

  1. Create your RESCUE LISTING here FIRST.
  2. Then, add your guinea pigs:
    1. For each guinea pig (or group), create a separate guinea pig listing.
    2. Indicate that it's for a rescue and select your rescue listing.
    3. All contact info is copied in to the guinea pig listing from this listing.
    4. That guinea pig listing is then tied to your rescue.
Adding Guinea Pigs becomes EASY!
  • Just have a PHOTO,
  • Reference your Rescue Listing,
  • Click the simple guinea pig info options
    (age, gender, ...) from the easy drop downs,
  • Invent a short title and a simple description,


If that's all you do, you will benefit greatly.

Happy Hands, "But Wait, There's More!"