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Rescuer guinea pigs Warwick, Queensland   Active
Alyssa's Ark Small Animal Rescue Brandon, Manitoba   Active
Ladybird Animal Sanctuary Hamilton, Ontario   Adoptions Only
London Guinea Pig Rescue London, Ontario   Active
Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue Markham, Ontario   Active
Popcornin' Piggies Rescue Toronto, Ontario   Active
The Cavy Corner Guinea Pig Rescue Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario   Active
Little Wheeks Rescue Langham, Saskatchewan   Temporarily Inactive
Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue Thornaby, North Yorkshire   Active
126 results - showing 1 - 10
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Living Rescue List

Always Accurate!

This is a dynamic, living international rescue list! Rescues can easily update their contact info and status any time. No more outdated, static lists.

Report a ListingReport any issues

Not many rescues last for decades, so if you come across a rescue whose status needs updating, please report it on the detail page of their listing and we'll investigate and update the info.

Rescue Statuses

Rescues are just people doing their best to help animals. Resources and lives evolve.

Active Adoptables, might accept surrenders*
Adoptions Only No Surrenders
Sanctuary No Adoptables or Surrenders
Education Assist, Advise & Refer
On Vacation Short Break
Temporarily Inactive Moderate Break
Winding Down In process of closing
Closed No contact info available

* Most rescues try to reserve their precious space for pulling Shelter pigs first. Please do not assume that just because a rescue is active means that they will or can automatically take your pets. You must check with them directly.

Want to Adopt?

If you are looking for guinea pigs to adopt, then those that are ACTIVE or ADOPTIONS ONLY may have guinea pigs for you. But, that doesn't mean that a less active rescue can't help! Reach out and contact a rescue near you as they usually know about other local resources or guinea pigs for adoption.

Want to Surrender?

PLEASE use this site to create an adoption listing for your guinea pigs BEFORE you look to "donate" your guinea pigs to a rescue or shelter. Rescues are just private people who care. Money is tight, donations are usually slim to none. Your pets are your responsibility to rehome. Most rescues who've been around a while realize they simply cannot save them all and MUST prioritize what guinea pigs they can accept. Most responsible rescues will almost always put the pigs who are on death row at the shelters at the top of the list. And unfortunately, there are usually too many of those.

It costs money, as you know, to keep guinea pigs. Rescues have to spend more than most because we do take our charges to vets as needed. If you do arrange to surrender your guinea pigs to a rescue, please consider a generous donation to them to aid in their care.

List & Missed

Doing the right thing helps all!

Create a rehoming listing for your guinea pig(s). Give it a little bit of time and soon your guinea pig will find a new home. You'll be missing them before you know it. Rehoming on your own SAVES LIVES! It keeps a space free at the Rescue to save other lives.


When you create a guinea pig adoption listing on Guinea Pig Finder, if you choose or if your adopter asks, we will send your adopter a wonderful "Welcome to the Guinea Pig community" email that contains GREAT STARTER INFO along with some GREAT DISCOUNTS on Guinea Pig Cages and Supplies from leading, participating vendors.

Everyday Gifts Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Finder is the website that aims to raise the awareness of the Guinea Pig Rescue and promote guinea pigs that are available for the adoption. Our website includes a lot of information about the guinea pigs available to adopt, guinea pig rescue and more. Kindly check out our website and check out the guinea pig listings that are available currently. If you want to offer a forever home to pair of guinea pigs or looking for companion guinea pig or would like to surrender a guinea pig to the rescue, please email us here:support@guineapigfinder.com